2018-2019 State Finals

What a season! Thank you to all the fantastic sponsors not only of the State Championships but also people that have supported us throughout the year! Massive thank you to Tanya and the behind the scenes crew, we couldn’t do it without you all!

The Finals results were:
A Grade Winners – Kentish
B Grade Winners – Midlands
C Grade Winners – Kentish
D Grade Winners – Midlands

A Grade Best and Fairest – Will Jones
B Grade Best and Fairest – Nic Archer
C Grade Best and Fairest – David Anderson
D Grade Best and Fairest – Charlie Spillane and Alex Miller


Champion Horse and Rider Male – Ben Turner
Champion Horse and Rider Female – Emily Shadbolt
Champion Horse and Rider Intermediate – David Anderson
Champion Horse and Rider Female Junior – Ashlee Norgrove
Champion Horse and Rider Male Junior – Levi Cliff

Best Section – Northern B Grade: Luke Ebbellar, Steve Clements and Georgia Clements
Junior Development Awards – Tarliah Foley, Jack Norgrove, Ashlee Norgrove, Alex Towns, George Willows, Alex Miller, Maddie Fenner, Levi Cliff, Charlie Spillane, Amber Towns, Jock Johnson, Grace Johnson, Angus Green, and Maya Scott
Junior Award – Grace Johnson
Champion Stock Horse – Ben Turner
Sportsmanship Award Junior – Charlie Spillane
Sportsmanship Award Senior – Rodney Spillane
Best Presented – Grace Johnson

A Grade Best Number 1 – Ben Turner
A Grade Best Number 2 – Eleasha Spillane

A Grade Best Number 3 – Liam Davies
A Grade Best Player of Finals – Emily Shadbolt

B Grade Best Number 1 – Nic Archer
B Grade Best Number 2 – Olivia Bernard
B Grade Best Number 3 – Sabrina docherty
B Grade Best Player of Finals – Grace Groves

C Grade Best Number 1 – David Anderson
C Grade Best Number 2 – Brooke Brown-Cordell
C Grade Best Number 3 – Jack Norgrove
Best Player of Finals – Jack Norgrove

D Grade Best Number – Alex Towns
D Grade Best Number 2 – George Willows
D Grade Best Number 3 – Tarliah Foley
Best Player of Finals – Alex Miller