2019 Adina World Cup Results

Australia re-claims the World Polocrosse title –


Australia has regained its title as best in the world at the Adina Polocrosse World Cup, defeating current world champions, South Africa, 34 to 21 in a hard-fought battle at Warwick.

The Aussie team entered the championship final undefeated, having outplayed Zimbabwe 24 v 11, the USA 29 v 14, Zambia 25 v 8, and NZ 29 v 15.

Both the Australian and South African teams were dominant in the early stages of the championship final, winning goal for goal until Australian gained the grip hold one the match and dominated play and took the lead.

According to two-time Australian World Cup coach Ross Shepherd, the dominance of the Australian women was a highlight of the game.

“They did it and they did it well,” Mr Shepherd said.

The dominance of the Australian women was the highlight of the game and the event; they played perfect polocrosse.

Defeated South African captain Jan-Albert Steenkamp was gracious in defeat and acknowledged the Australian’s unbeaten run into the championship final.

“You, Australia, have won five games straight now, and you deserved your win today,” he said.

Australian captain Abbott Grills said it had been a long journey and the World Cup had been off-shore for too long – we bought it back home today.

Both team captains acknowledged it has been a long 16 month preparation into the Adina Polocrosse World Cup final.

The female player of the match was Lucy Grills from the Australian women’s side, while the best male player was her brother, James.

With record crowds, the 2019 World Cup has been the largest international sporting event ever to be held in rural Australia.

Generous horse owners loaned 150 of Australia’s best mares and geldings to the event for players to compete on, resulting in one of the largest horse recruitment drives in Australia’s peace-time history.

The next Polocrosse World Championship now heads back to South Africa.