There are currently 5 clubs across the North and North West of Tasmania with tournaments rotated around the clubs.  The season is played from mid October to early April.

Click on the links below to find out about your nearest club.

How to Join

Have you been looking at Polocrosse and thinking about giving it a shot but not sure where to start……..?

We wish to welcome everyone, both new and returning members to our amazing sport!

If you’d like to join a club, or talk to someone about attending some practice sessions near you, please contact any of the club secretaries listed on the “Clubs” page. They’ll talk you through the membership form and the cost of various membership types.

There are a variety of memberships available to suit the level of membership you require. Are you a new member and only want to play 1 time to see if you like it……..GREAT, we can accommodate that! And when the Polocrosse bug bites you (we know it will…) you can upgrade your membership to a 3 tournament, then full. You’ll be apart of our Polocrosse family!

Will you come to us…….?

Are you a Pony Club, Adult Riders or ANY other association who wants to give Polocrosse a go…we can help you with that too. Our passionate Coaching Director will love to organise that for you…


We will even bring the rackets and balls!!! Get ready for some fun !


What do you do at these days?

When we start “Introduction to Polocrosse” the day starts with a white board presentation with the rules and how it is played. Followed with a brief history about the Hurst family and why it is The King of one horse sport

Then we start with the basics of ball and racquet skill of pick up and throwing to each other without the ponies

We then teach the riders how to desensitise their ponies to the racquet and ball from the ground

Then mounted on the horse the riders learn to ride with one hand. After that the racquet and the ball is introduced. Riders have a go at the pickup and throw the ball to each other.

Finally they are split into teams and play a chukka with rules getting introduced slowly as they progress.

End of the day it is all about having fun.

New members are most welcome, whether beginners or experienced riders.