2017-2018 State Dinner

On 8 July 2018 the Tasmanian Polocrossse Association held its State Dinner.  It was a fun and fantastic evening with good food and great company.

Congratulations to all the State prize winners for the 2017-2018 season and a big thank you to all our sponsors.

  • Best Horse and Rider D Grade:   Grace Johnson and Lolly
  • Best Horse and Rider C Grade:   Samantha Kerr and Jasper
  • Best Horse and Rider B Grade:   Elyn Sotheran and Red
  • Best Horse and Rider A Grade:   Emily Shadbolt and Keith


  • D Grade Best and Fairest:   Brandon Foley
  • C Grade Best and Fairest:   Amber Towns
  • B Grade Best and Fairest:   Corey Foley
  • A Grade Best and Fairest:   Trent Hardwicke


  • Best Junior:   Maya Scott
  • Heat Pump Dave’s Most Improved:  Maddie Fenner
  • Heat Pump Dave’s Encouragement Award:   Jock Johnson
  • Heat Pump Dave’s Best First Year:  Dave Anderso


  • Overall C Grade Winning Team:   Kentish Club
  • Overall B Grade Winning Team:   Kentish Club
  • Overall A Grade Winning Team:   Kentish Club